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Flying is Free & Freedom is Priceless - A Call to Action

On April 7th, 2009 the City of Rancho Palos Verdes considered allowing paragliders to launch from Nature Preserve areas. Under review of the recommendations given by the appointed Public Use Master Plan (PUMP) Committee, city councilman Tom Long moved, seconded by Mayor Larry Clark, to overturn the PUMP Committee's recommendation regarding paragliding and to not permit paragliding in the preserve. Prior to this motion, the PUMP Committee voted in favor of the proposal passing with a 6-1 vote.

During the meeting, members of the Palos Verdes community voiced their concerns with allowing paragliding to take place in the nature preserve. Among these concerns, and one shared by the Donald Trump National Golf Club, was that paragliders were a contributing factor to the problem with re-establishing the native habitat due to traffic and illegal use.

Joe Castaldo, paraglider and resident of the community, addressed numerous concerns by providing general information about paragliding practices. Among the information provided to the City Council and community, insurance offerings and certification requirements to pilots of the United States Hangliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) were cited. The million dollar insurance policy offered by USHPA virtually releases the liability to the city which seems to be a hot topic associated with all extreme sports activities.

Why was it that the City Council overturned the passing vote by the PUMP committee?

Considering the affluence and wealth held by residents of the community it would be safe to assume this was politics as usual. Donald Trump brings in the bulldozers then blames paragliders for destroying the coastline. Not only were the animals there first, but also a happy paragliding habitat. The latter of these is much easier to fix.

A great man once said, "Money talks, bullshit walks and paragliders fly".

Do your part. If you support paragliders or know residents of PV get them to vote yes to paragliding. If you are really ambitious write some letters to Trump. Atleast support us in gathering names of people in favor of flying in PV by voting in our online poll.


De-Criminalize Paragliders Movement (DPM)



City Council Meeting PDF (page 6)

Tom Long Re-Election Bid Coverage

LA Times Coverage of Original PG Ban in Palos Verdes (circa 1991)

RPV Paragliding Society Information Package

Residents Against PG Presentation

Residents Against PG Petition

On 10/13/2011 at 9:16pm William DeAguiar wrote:
Palos Verdes is a awesome place that has many locations that we can fly. I wish the city of Rancho Palos verdes can allow us to do it, we mean no harn to anyone and contrary to the common beleive we cannot see inside the houses as the residents of Palos Verdes do believe,
On 10/13/2011 at 10:11pm Magno De Barros wrote:
The happiness of others, should never depend on the decision of the minority minded people, that thrives for their own happiness by destroying happy dreams of others. This world is becoming polluted by money, power and greed. Paragliding is not a drug, so why say no to this? Before anyone turns negative against something that could be working towards positive changes in society, go ahead and research the true work behind this positive sport and mode of meditation. Paraglidering is an expression of freedom and all paragliders are nature lovers and preservers of nature. Paragliders depend on earth, wind, water and the sun. What are you depending on? YES FREE PALOS VERDES... The voice of all Pilots
On 10/13/2011 at 9:35pm Martha M wrote:
I have lived in Rancho Palos Verdes for about 23 years. The truth about watching these paragliders flying at the bluff and down the beach, the most amazing thing is to watch and appreciate this incredible sport that allows people to soar like the birds. They are elegant and colorful, decorating the coast of RPV. After work i would go hiking down the Ocean trails and sit by the edge of bluff to watch paragliders fly. I discovered that these adventure seekers are very friendly and peaceful and if you don't bother, surely you won't be bothered, but if you talk to them, they are very cool people. Once a paraglider pilot saved the life of a local resident from drowning, and also a news report about a paraglider that rescued a teenager from falling down the cliff. Before the Donald Trump Golf course was built, there was vegetation that would perfume the air with native sage. Birds that migrate and visit the coast no longer come like before. I can't believe what I read on these links posted to this poll. The elections are coming and YES I would vote for those in favor of paragliding at the bluff at Ocean Trails. I would rather see them back in the air than getting hit with a golf ball and become hospitalized. I vote YES!!!
On 10/14/2011 at 4:53am will Brazil Voted Yes
On 10/14/2011 at 6:19am Carlos Gutto wrote:
Yes, that should be legal to fly anywhere, the sky is the limit!!
On 10/14/2011 at 6:32am mario rayel wrote:
Paragliding is not a crime! People do know how to behave while not fliyng. Please undestand that we only want to free fly. Why the majority of us have to pay the price of just a few who doesn´t know what "be polite" means??
On 10/14/2011 at 6:37am alexandre Voted Yes
On 10/14/2011 at 6:55am Peter Loeskow wrote:
How can A GOLF COURSE possibly be a contribution to natural habitat is a mystery to me...
On 10/14/2011 at 7:08am Calvin Worthington wrote:
People only appreciate life when they are about to loose it. I have been thinking about what I just read in the links provided, and all this articles make me think that some folks really don't have anything to do with their free time. Paragliders are an amazing discovery, has been used to bring NASA rocket parts back to land where it was wanted to land, this has saved billions of US dollars, by re-using all the expensive parts that before would be lost at sea. People don't understand that if there wasn't the invention of the Wheel, today they were still horseback riding to the supermarket. Let the paragliders fly...When you fine ladies drive on the 405 freeway, picking your noses in traffic or putting make up on, while driving, is much more dangerous to you and others. Come on people!! Come on Mayor... make it a positive thing, life is already so bitter to many. I rather see paragliders flying than people using drugs, shooting innocents at Hair Salon's, or taking anti-depressant. We can be better than all this. I have family members living in RPV, and I will definitely say YES... they will too... FREE AMERICA!!! Calvin W.
On 10/14/2011 at 7:41am mario rossi Voted Yes
On 10/14/2011 at 7:55am James Bradley wrote:
Paragliding is beautiful and inspiring to watch.
On 10/14/2011 at 7:55am Rob Miller wrote:
Use paragliding as an attraction for your community. Paragliders travel the world to fly.....and spend money in the towns they stop in. Don't turn your back on this low impact, quiet, safe activity.
On 10/14/2011 at 8:19am Josh Cohn wrote:
Paragliding is a quiet activity with generally low impact on wildlife and vegetation. Rather than being a nuisance, most people find the paragliders pleasant to watch. An established, improved takeoff site would address any concerns about cliff erosion.
On 10/14/2011 at 8:45am Mitchell McAleer wrote:
There is no valid reason to allow a golf course to be built in Palos Verdes, and at the same time, cite destruction of natural environment as a reason to prohibit paragliding. The Golf course destroys hundreds of acres of natural habitat and introduces a great deal of toxic weed killers to the water table, plus a large amount of water that can contribute to cliff erosion. California does not need to introduce another large consumer of precious water resources. It is an arid desert environment and golf courses consume a great deal of water, that must be imported from the Owens Valley, and the Colorado river. Paragliding consumes nothing, and transforms nothing from it's natural state at the site.
On 10/14/2011 at 8:46am Mariana Mallet wrote:
What is wrong in fly paragliding in Pallos Greens ? I hope that the people to unite in the cause of athletes of paragliding. Continue to fly and coloring the heavens Pallos good luck pra every family paragliding !
On 10/14/2011 at 9:18am Zach Hoisington Voted Yes
On 10/14/2011 at 9:19am damián Voted Yes
On 10/14/2011 at 10:17am jon millhouse wrote:
The fears expressed from local residents are simply not as valid as presented. There are far more injuries just walking to the beach. I suggest a conditional use period. It should be based on actual incidents, injuries, cost or any of the other fears expressed that actually occur.
On 10/14/2011 at 11:06am Stefano Kang wrote:
Please stop politics! Let people enjoy life as it is so hard to do these days. Support healthy living and peaceful community.
On 10/14/2011 at 11:38am John Sarley Voted Yes
On 10/14/2011 at 12:33pm Gail Worth wrote:
Fly free with the pelicans!
On 10/14/2011 at 12:50pm Khatya wrote:
It would be such a great thing for RPV to allow paragliding once again. It's such a beautiful sight to witness paragliders in the sky and it would be a wonderful spot for those who are interested in trying it out. I hope that my community can come together and realize what a positive thing this would be.
On 10/14/2011 at 12:56pm chickenbone wrote:
Go for it...
On 10/14/2011 at 4:51pm Arezu Voted Yes
On 10/15/2011 at 2:23am Marcello DeBarros wrote:
Is this the pure example of who's got the gold make the rules???? And the rich can get away with murder of freedom that should be free in this so called free country??
On 10/15/2011 at 2:59am stephen nowak Voted Yes
On 10/17/2011 at 7:23pm Kevin Johnson Voted Yes
On 10/18/2011 at 5:55pm Albert Wu Voted Yes
On 10/18/2011 at 6:18pm KEVIN wrote:
Paragliders are the TRUE enviromentalists of today. They have the upmost respect for nature in all of it's habitats. We are here to love not destroy.
On 10/18/2011 at 8:42pm David McMillan Voted Yes
On 10/18/2011 at 9:09pm Satchya Farias wrote:
It is a shame that Paragliders cannot fly in the city of Palos Verdes. They pose no danger to anyone. They do not litter. They do not disturb wildlife. In fact, they very much contribute to the preservation of our great outdoors. I am confused as to why Paragliders can't fly over by the ocean trails. Is it a matter of profit? I am sure the city is out to profit as are most cites. Here is an idea: why doesn't the city charge a small annual fee to those who want fly by the trails? This way the city will not loose any revenues (the city will not have to clean up after Paragliders as they are any city's greatest nature lover) only gain in revenues plus, give a little boost to local businesses too. Granted the fee will not generate 2.1 million in occupancy taxes as is Terrreana Resort expected FY12/13 nor a 10% tax every golfer has to pay at Trump Golf course but, it will allow for a better and fairer business practice. Better business practices as is expected by those who represent us in government. Paragliders are peaceful people who want to fly and meditate in beautiful places surrounded by native plant-life. They are preservers of nature.
On 10/18/2011 at 10:53pm Peter Brandlehner wrote:
flying is free
On 10/19/2011 at 12:08am Jürgen Bott wrote:
Director of paraglider school
On 10/19/2011 at 11:46am Ricardo S wrote:
We are outdoor ambassadors.... We take care of our flying sites, organize clean-up days, peacefully decorate the skies with our flying craft and welcome anyone to ask questions about the sport. We love nature and the outdoors. Flying is freedom. . .
On 10/19/2011 at 1:08pm Maria Walker wrote:
I am not a resident of Palos Verdes, but I have been using ocean trails for daily exercises and be able to meditate at the bluff, looking out to Catalina island and the Horizon sunset, chasing for a moment of peace in such a busy environment we live in "Los Angeles" Before there were vegetation to walk through, now just a man made cement trail leading us (public) directly to the bluff. Paragliders had brought us company and beautiful scenery, we feel safe to have people around us specially over the age 68. Watching colorful sails floating up in the air, conducted by mankind, is just amazing. I don't think paragliders are dangerous, threat to environment or liability to the city of PV or Trump golf course. I read that paragliders carry a 3rd party liability insurance of $1.000.000 and every paraglider must be certified and licensed by Just read the link above (pink) and you will find out the real stuff there is to know. I rather have a paraglider flying up and above in the skies, than worry about a golf ball hitting on my head. Have you thought about the damage a golf ball can do to your brain? Bikers, hikers, etc. are not covered by any insurance, in case they get hurt in the ocean trails (public area) does golf player have such insurance? VOTE YES
On 10/22/2011 at 9:22am Jeremy Bishop wrote:
Save mother nature, fly don't trample the earth.
On 10/23/2011 at 9:52am Joe Castaldo Voted Yes
On 10/23/2011 at 10:23am Don Page Voted Yes
On 10/23/2011 at 11:12am D. H. ARMSRONG Voted Yes
On 10/23/2011 at 2:53pm david wrote:
paragliding is ultra low impact.
On 10/24/2011 at 4:05pm jonathan legg Voted Yes
On 10/27/2011 at 2:22pm David Metzgar wrote:
I am a conservationist, a biologist, a paraglider pilot, and a resident of southern California (San Diego). I strongly support the right of paraglider pilots to practice their sport on public lands, including nature reserves where hiking and other low-impact sports are permitted. Paragliding is, essentially, hiking in the sky - our only impact to the environment results from walking to our launch site and walking back from our landing site. Paragliders can also provide a valuable conservation service, having an excellent vantage point from which to observe and report truly destructive activities threatening nature reserves. Unpowered flight has a grand and glorious history in southern California - many early advances in aviation were made by pioneers flying standard gliders and sailplanes on the SoCal coast, hang gliding was developed and advanced in SoCal, and our area remains an iconic home to free flight pilots of all types - with paragliding being the currently dominant form practiced by these pilots. In the thirty years I've been flying, the vast majority of spectators with whom I've spoken find that paragliders and hang gliders are visually pleasing, and often inspiring. There is no logical reason to prohibit paragliders from flying in Palos Verdes, and the resistance to this activity from the Trump development is extremely hypocritical, considering the high impact of their developments to both wildlife and the natural beauty of the area. The only difference between the paragliding community and communities of other recreationalists (including groups such as golfers, hikers, mountain bikers, the handicapped, etc) is the size of our population, and our resulting lack of lobbying power. This should not prevent us from enjoying our sport in the few places where the wind and terrain are optimal, such as PV. There are very few remaining undeveloped areas left for free flight along the SoCal coast, and few regions of the world as conducive to our pursuit. Please consider our right to pursue our sport as you would your own right to pursue your passion, the contributions of aviation pioneers to SoCal culture and history, and the fact that we do not negatively impact other activities or the natural environment. And if you want to feel truly free and see the beauty of nature from the air, floating silently on the breeze with the many birds with which we share the sky, take a tandem lesson with one of the many expert instructors in LA or San Diego!
On 10/29/2011 at 11:03am Fred Morris wrote:
Compared to many other recreational opportunities which people participate in paragliding is a very low impact sport. The people within the community strive to make this an importance, many working with state of federal organizations to preserve the surrounding environment while still accommodating people’s choice for recreational activities. The paragliding community has proven to not only be responsible for their group of enthusiasts but other groups which many share the same land on which paragliders recreate. In short Paragliding is a positive impact for everyone!
On 10/29/2011 at 1:09pm Douglas Poirier wrote:
Much needed, non-invasive, quiet way of attracting tourists.
On 10/29/2011 at 5:04pm Jonathan Jelkin Voted Yes
On 10/29/2011 at 5:33pm Stephen Maher Voted Yes
On 10/29/2011 at 9:59pm Gary Beach Voted Yes
On 10/30/2011 at 2:05pm Carry Briggs wrote:
I grew up here and my parents are residents
On 10/31/2011 at 3:50am Airwave Voted Yes
On 10/31/2011 at 6:12am Markus Villinger wrote:
Paragliding is one of the Sport activities which are really "green" an closest to nature. No pollution, no noise - and actually attractive to most and maybe all people who watch them. Paraglider are like human birds - and the ability to fly like a bird flying is one of probably every humans dream ..... let em fly
On 11/06/2011 at 5:58pm Ignacio Voted Yes
On 11/14/2011 at 7:23am Donald Page Voted Yes
On 12/27/2011 at 6:03am john walker Voted Yes
On 01/07/2012 at 5:43am Gerrilyn wrote:
You're on top of the game. Thanks for shraing.
On 01/08/2012 at 9:42am Steve Porretta Voted Yes
On 01/09/2012 at 2:01pm Roy Sera wrote:
Good luck! It should be known that adventurers in this realm of sports appreciate and adore the locations of which they can use. Not only are they fully aware of the natural environment, but also contribute to the deterrence of other users damaging the habitat. From another standpoint, it also helps draw recognition of such nature preserves to help increase awareness of what is left, the privileges, and possibly even support the local area economy. Peace.
On 01/23/2012 at 5:19pm Tony Lynn wrote:
Palos Verdes is one of THE premiere paragliding soaring sites in California and the nation. Paragliding effects the area FAR, FAR LESS than do off road bikers, hikers, or individuals walkling their animals. There is no reason to allow ANY of the above, unless the city allows ALL of the above. Tony Lynn.
On 03/02/2012 at 10:00pm Tomasz Natkanski Voted Yes
On 03/05/2012 at 12:29pm Scott Jepson wrote:
If the site complies with FAR 103 then I think it should be open to flying.
On 03/24/2012 at 10:25pm Mauro Voted Yes
On 04/01/2012 at 6:57pm Jason Kinch Voted Yes
On 04/07/2012 at 2:31pm Moises bada wrote:
I support paragliding. It is not invasive, pilot are good stewards of the land and are respectful of mother nature. The made up story created by those who wish to keep these area more exclusive should not be the basis for disallowing access. Let the people fly!
On 04/27/2012 at 9:23am Amir Sepahban Voted Yes
On 06/10/2012 at 5:30pm Don Weiss wrote:
Golf courses should be banned, not para gliders! Hang gliders were flying PV in the early 70's!!
On 06/19/2012 at 2:12pm Chris Jones Voted Yes
On 07/28/2012 at 8:46pm Andrea Whitfield wrote:
Paragliding is fun and quiet. The neighbors will just want to learn how.
On 11/08/2012 at 12:44am Robert Peloquin wrote:
Paragliding is best way possible to use open space with the least impact.
On 11/11/2012 at 9:27pm Raj Joshi Voted Yes
On 11/14/2012 at 7:21pm Eric Miller Voted Yes
On 03/04/2013 at 12:01pm Andrea Whitfield wrote:
Go Ranch Palos Verdes Paragliding pilots!!!!
On 05/12/2014 at 2:17pm Pedro de alva wrote:
Paragliding is safe .