Arrow X-Alps Harness

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Do you travel by car or by plane and you do not like big backpack that also exceeds weight limit? Do not despair! Especially for you we have our new ARROW X-alps 2. The weight - the only 2,6 kg and easy package of the harness are the biggest advantages of this harness.
ARROW X- alps 2 harness is the famous ARROW X – alps with integrated rescue container now. Instead of light buckles, there are used light click-buckles now and side regulation is added. Further, the light mailon carabiners were exchanged into Snaplock carabiners from German company Finsterwalder. Thanks to these improvements, the weight increased a little but we hope that pilots welcome integrated rescue system and possibility of the harness adjustment into lying-sitting position and more comfortable fastening with click-buckles.
The harness is still extremely light and very packable – still 2,6 kg only!!!

Main advantages of ARROW X-ALPS front harness:

• Get-up system
• High comfort of the harness
• Very easy-packable harness
• Very low weight that is 2,6 kg for size M (harness, protector, carabiners, speed)
• 4 high quality metal pulleys for easier speed working
• Extremely light inflatable back protector – 261 g
• The most modern ultra-light carabiners from German company Finsterwalder (weight only 154 g for the pair)
• Special inside protector pocket that prevents the protector from moving to sides while fall down
• Ultra-light PP board – the weight only 234 g at M size and 261 g at L size
• Simple and easy adjustment of the harness
• Big storage place
• Harness REFLEX is produced in sizes: M (159 - 179 cm) and L (180 - 200 cm)
Standard equipment:
• Harness
• Extremely light inflatable back protector – 261 g
• Carabiners
• Speed
Additional equipment:
• Foot holder

Material used:

• Cordura 500
• Dynema straps