Class Info

The One Day Lesson is $200, and the two day lesson is $378 this promotional value includes a cool custom designed Gravity Paraglider Pilot Tshirt. The great deal is, that if you enroll for full course afterwards, the cost of intro classes or instructional tandem flight, goes towards the full cost of entire course plan. You should plan on flying ALL DAY LONG if the conditions are good and you feel up to it.

Tandem flights are $200, and take place in our local mountains, the local ridges, and at our world class flight park. We also provide gift certificates and if you wish to give this gift of flying to someone special,  just write us an e-mail to for special offers that Gravity Paragliding School offers occasionaly  for those that are serious and passionate about experiencing flying a paraglider. All fees and charges paid for the daily lessons are applied toward the $1800 special price "saving package" of the Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Training Program. After completing the Novice program you are a certified paraglider pilot able to fly without instructor supervision at most sites.

Gravity Paragliding offers Custom tailored packages to help you save throughout your courses. New Pilot Packages may include: USHPA membership and Magazine subscription, $1.000.000 Liability insurance issued by USHPA, Pilot License including USHPA processing fees and certificate sign off. All equipment necessary for your training for beginning classes ONLY, Introduction to the equipment and how its manufactured and certified for safety, Transportation, Micro-Meteorology Classes, Theoretical Classes, Reserve Parachute Deployment Class, Hand Books, Beginner/Intermediated DVD's, meteorology books, Seminars ( Clinics), International Paragliding Tour packages and more. Lets choose the package that will be best for you to start flying up in the sky and earn your own wings.